Kiss of the Vampire - Nancy Baker This is a haunting, well written book that no vampire fan should miss. Ardeth Alexander is an average graduate student living an average, structured, somewhat boring life. One morning while exercising she is abducted, blindfolded and finds herself thrown into a cell in a former sanitarium. As if this isn't enough of a shock she realizes the cell next to her is also occupied, and the inhabitant isn't human. Ardeth soon discovers she is there to *feed* the vampire until her usefulness runs out. Ardeth decides to keep her sanity and believes she can bring the vampire out of his world of madness (he is also a prisoner & is forced to do things against his will for some real sickos) by forcing him to speak to her and when he tries to ignore her she tells him all about herself. This begins the relationship between Ardeth and Dimitri and if I go on I'll give too much away.

Pick this one up! It's one of those books you just can't put down no matter what is going on around you. It also takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride and you won't soon forget the heroine.