Beauty vs the Beast - M.J. Rodgers When psychologist Damian Steele "kills" off one of his client's personalities he never expects to be sued by the deceased "man's" wife. His attorney, Kay Kellogg, is excited by the chance to try such an interesting case and is determined to win but is fighting obstacles every step of the way. It seems her sexy client is keeping too many secrets - secrets that may cost her not only the trial but her life!

This was a very interesting story about multiple personalities. Normally I'm bored by courtroom dramas, the basis of this story, and I almost put the book aside when I realized what it was about but the author hooked me with the multiple personality bit and kept me hooked with the interesting twists and turns. These same plot twists and the short length of the book left very little room for romance development or character development though. I never got into their heads didn't feel them connect or fall in love. The romance was almost secondary (and unnecessary, IMO) to the plot. There was little to no humor and the chilling domestic abuse made this a very intense and dark read. I admit it I'm a sucker and was taken in by the title and thought this was a beauty and the beast tale. Don't be fooled it isn't or not in the traditional sense anyway. However, despite my complaints I still recommend this book because it fascinated me and I couldn't put it down. Expect an intense plot just but don't count on an intense romance.