The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged: Lasting Fat Loss That's Better than Ever! - Tosca Reno A great introduction to eating clean. I know I'm suppose to eat only things that are good for me but sometimes those buttercream topped cupcakes just plead for me eat them and I am at their mercy. It doesn't count if I make them from scratch, right?

After reading this book cover to cover I realized I do mostly eat clean but have some work to do. This book says I need to eat 6 small meals consisting of protein and a complex carb, mostly lean proteins, veggies and fruit, and that I need to cut out all sugar (now that's the killer for me). I find it difficult to fit in all 6 meals because I tend to get lost in my work, review writing and housework and forget to eat every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. I think I need a timer. Anyway, I've been following the recommendations in the book, drinking a ton of water, exercising and eating only natural foods, nothing processed and have (mostly) eliminated my terrible sugar habit for all of 2 days so I will post any fab results at a later time, if I'm able to stick with this, that is. I can only say that I had the beginning of a migraine yesterday, possibly due to the drastic cut back on sugar but I expected some withdrawal symptoms as I've been eating far too much sugar & caffeine.

I'd really like to stick with this plan because I don't want to be all achy and sick and over medicated when I'm older and I get really grouchy when I'm not exercising. The author was in her 40's when she did a complete overhaul of her diet, got into strength training and she looks absolutely amazing. It seems pretty doable what with the easy to follow meal plans and the recipe section doesn't seem to be stuffed with strange recipes that my kids won't eat. It's also easy to look up "clean" recipes online if these don't suit (the recipe section in the book is a bit skimpy). Most of the book consists of tactics to help you eat clean and stay on track so I'd better keep it around because I have a feeling I'll need a kick in the butt.