Wild - Jill Barnett I loved this one. Although not based on a fairy tale, WILD has a beautiful, very romantic, fairy-tale feel to it. The heroine, shunned by the town because they fear she's a witch, lives in a tiny isolated shack and spends her time caring for wounded beasts. When she stumbles across an injured man (who turns out to be a knight), she can't help but drag him back to her home to heal him. Her honesty, gentle ways and lifestyle change him forever and make him look at life differently. This story has some very funny moments as these two very different people get to know each other, but it's also one of the most tender and loving romances I've read in a while and I thought it was extremely sensual. Their love is apparent in every word, touch, look and action they share and there are lots of moments to "sigh" over. An all-around fantastic romance.