Strange Bedpersons (MIRA) - Jennifer Crusie Tess, a free spirit and recently out of work school teacher, is talked into posing as an uptight and materialistic lawyer's fiancée so that he can land a plumb account and assure partnership in the law firm he's employed by. When Tess's apartment in the slums is vandalized she's left with no choice but to temporarily move into the sexy lawyer's fancy house. They fall in love despite the fact that the only thing that they have in common is that neither are the marrying kind.

I was a little disappointed with this one. First off, where were the dogs?! There was a cat named Angela but she was pretty much a non-character who only appeared for a scene or two and didn't do much of anything. Bummer! The story was witty and sometimes really funny but Tess and Nick didn't thrill me. I thought they were too extreme. He was too caught up his career and appearances and she was too do-goody and caught up in the past. Both learned to compromise a bit but I left the book feeling that they didn't resolve their major differences and that they still had a lot of battles to fight out before they'd live in peace (if ever). I thought this plot worked more effectively in Crusie's THE CINDERELLA DEAL.

Still STRANGE BEDPERSONS was a good read and I'd definitely recommend it because Crusie's wicked sense of humor carried the story for me.