Cranberry Point - Miranda Jarrett Serena first meets Gerald when he hops upon her ship in order to save her life when she almost crashes into his ship because of dense fog. She thinks he's going to kidnap her but he only has her safety on his mind - oh and her lips. Lips that he can't resist kissing before he reels her into safety and then disappears from her life. In the span of several minutes she's afraid, furious, charmed, aroused, then left aching as this most fascinating, gorgeous man has the gall to just walk away! But not for long . . .

It turns out that Serena's mystery man is none other than Fitzgerald (Gerald) Crosbie who has come to fetch his sister Annabelle from the clutches of the no-good sea captain (who just happens to be Serena's brother!) who has spirited her away. However, Annabelle doesn't need nor want rescuing. She's married and very pregnant and insists that her beloved brother Gerald stick around at least until she has the baby. He agrees and is continually put in close contact with Serena - the one woman who he can't put out of his mind.

Gerald is the third son of a titled family and because of this has all of the luxuries but none of the responsibilities of a first son. And he likes it that way. Up until now he has spent his days spending money, wandering from one exciting place to another and just having a grand old time for himself. He doesn't want to settle down but as he spends more time with Serena and her quiet paced life he begins to appreciate, for the first time, friendship, hard work and the joy in everyday things. But he's never seen love, was never shown affection as a child and does not want to become attached to Serena or she to him. She's a smart woman and doesn't want to spend her life pining away for a man who won't be sticking around - so she's avoided any kind of romantic entanglement - until Gerald. Heck, he's impossible to resist, even her dog loves him immediately which says more about his character than she's willing to admit! When they are caught in a compromi! sing position they're forced to deal with the consequences and face up to their true feelings.

This is the part where a few "big misunderstandings" occurred that I could've done without. They were pretty good friends at this point but were so confused about their own feelings that they jumped to conclusions instead of talking things out. There was a time (or two) when I wanted to scream at the both of them to communicate but those spots were over with before I became too aggravated. I guess my heart just didn't want them separated for any reason and I wanted them both to be deliriously happy as soon as possible.

Despite that one minor quibble I pretty much loved this book. It's richly detailed with tons of little nuances that really bring the New England setting to life. It is a slower paced romance than most. Usually slower means boring to me but not this time. Not at all. The characters were interesting because they came from two completely different walks of life and had such a different outlook on things and they also had wit, intelligence and a natural sweetness that was irresistible. The hero turned out to be a real sentimental guy (although he'd probably never admit it!) and did a few things that made me sigh because they were so sweet. I was completely immersed in their world, sucking up each word until I got to the last page. CRANBERRY POINT wasn't the most sizzling book I've ever read, in terms of sexual tension, but the author more than made up for it with the gently developed and caring relationship that grew between the characters so that when they finally did give in to their desires it was all the more intense because I knew they were in love. All in all a very good read and one I can without hesitation recommend. Oh, and there is a terrific doggie character who plays a pretty important role in the story too!