Private Pleasures - Janelle Denison Lovers Grey and Mariah are compatible in every way so he's a bit thunderstruck when she refuses to move in with him. She wants marriage and children and a life-long commitment. All of the things he is unable to give her because of his atrocious childhood - a childhood filled with hurt and degradation that he will not share with anyone. She loves him deeply but is unwilling to give up her dreams of a family and knows that is exactly what will happen if she stays with him. Even though it breaks her heart she ends things immediately. I really liked that about her. She loved Grey, loved him deeply, but had the strength to let him go when she realized they both wanted very different things out of life.

Grey, who's never been without a date, let alone dumped by a lover, won't accept her giving him the old heave `ho. He's handsome, sexy (and boy does he use it to his advantage ), and successful. He's quite a catch and has woman drooling all over him but he doesn't want them, doesn't even want to look at them. He misses Mariah terribly and can barely function without her. He's also honest and won't give her false promises that he's afraid he can't keep. He can't let her go either so he woos her and uses his stunning sensuality in an attempt to win her back.

I enjoyed the characters and this story a whole bunch. Grey is a lovable jerk. He's arrogant, he's real pushy and to say he's persistent is an understatement. But he's also honest, sweet and caring which is why I liked him right away despite his manly faults. Watching his heartfelt attempts to win back the heroine were a delight. It's always fun watching an overly confident man grovel. This is truly a relationship driven story, with strong characterization, that most definitely lives up to it's "Blaze" standards with it's steamy sexual tension.