Lucky Stars - Patricia Roy I really liked this one. It was cute and charming and so easy to read. The story was filled with interesting and vivid details of the historical period but it was the characters who made the story. They both grew up surrounded by the worst kind of relationships and it did affect their outlook on life but didn't make them bitter people. Their banter is humorous and natural and their attraction and love for each other is heartfelt and undeniable.

My only complaint comes towards the very end of the book. Up until this point the characters had been pretty open with their feelings, even as confused as they sometimes were, but the author suddenly resorted to a ""lack of communication/big misunderstanding" plot device that tore the couple apart for a few months then wrapped everything up neatly with an epilogue written in first person by the heroine. I thought the epilogue/letter was a neat idea but I would've liked to have *seen* the couple resolve a few things rather than be *told* how everything worked out in two short pages. Despite that little nitpick I thought LUCKY STARS was a terrific love story, one of the better ones I've read this year and I can easily recommend it.