The Bequest - Candice Proctor One of the things I liked most about this book was the characters. They were always honest with each other. They shared their pasts, they talked about things, they understood and accepted each other as they were. I really liked that. Fear and pain kept them from committing throughout the book not misunderstandings.

This isn't a comfortable book to read. It's set in a whorehouse and is filled with violent, dirty images. The author writes so well you can see and smell the countryside and feel the moments of tranquillity the hero shares with the heroine but on the downside you also see, smell and experience the filth and vile acts that she doesn't shy away from writing about. It's a rough, realistic and oftentimes heartbreaking depiction of the lives of woman who sell their bodies for various reasons. But throughout it all the love story remains tender and loving.

This isn't a story I'd normally read. I like light and funny these days. The dialogue isn't witty, and I honestly didn't like the plot but for some odd reason I could not put the book down. Never did I feel the urge to start skimming. I know why too, it's because I cared about these people. I liked the hero and heroine, their honesty, their motivations, and their blossoming feelings were all so real and so raw. And two of the sympathetically drawn secondary characters really tugged at my heart. I wouldn't want to read this type of plot often, that's for sure, but I do recommend this book because the love story is well developed and believable.