Getting Rid Of Bradley - Jennifer Crusie After catching her perfect husband with a blonde, school teacher Lucy gets a quickie divorce and just wants to put the whole mess behind her. She intends to become a fully independent woman whose biggest responsibility will be keeping her menagerie of mutts happy. She doesn't want or need another man in her life but when she spots dangerously handsome Zack in a café she figures a fling might not be a bad idea. But when he accosts her in the parking lot all of her sexy thoughts fly out the window and she beats the crap out of him with her textbook! She's thrilled with herself until she discovers he's an undercover cop who was only trying to save her life. When further attempts are made on her life he moves in to protect her and ends up falling in love with her dogs and, although it scares the
heck out of him, her.

This is one of my favorite Crusie books. The heroine is easy to identify with as she has a perpetual bad hair day throughout most of the book. The hero looks tough, and tries to act tough but is a big marshmallow on the inside, especially when dealing with Lucy and her dogs. When he brings her a special gift I was a goner - and so was she. There's a lot of humor, love and touching moments in this great book. I had a blast reading it.