Shadow on the Moon - Connie Flynn Dana's a biologist and wolves are her passion. On a mission to save a possible pack of wolves from being ruthlessly murdered by over-eager officials she travels to the wilderness where she gets caught up in a blizzard that slams her automobile into a snowbank, bonks her head and knocks her out cold. Luckily Morgan, a compassionate werewolf and real hunk of a man, is nearby witnessing the accident. He digs her out, brings her to his home and saves her life. When she regains consciousness she's finds herself facing the biggest, hairiest looking man she's ever met but underneath all of that hair she spies two of the most beautiful and haunted eyes she's ever seen.

The ongoing storm makes travel impossible so she's stuck with weird Morgan who locks himself up at night, plays disturbing music and has the oddest visitors who seem oblivious to the storm. Soon she begins to suspect that Morgan is hiding a thing or two from her and she becomes desperate to get back home but is torn and a bit reluctant to leave the lonely man who sets her blood to boiling. And Morgan's got to do everything in his power to keep her safely with him, for just a few more days, before his enemies can destroy her and so he'll be able to perform a ceremony that'll put an end to his tortured way of life. Oh, and in order for the ceremony to work he's got to make her fall in love with him - kind of a hard feat to accomplish when he's keeping her prisoner!

This was an appealing plot for a werewolf fan like myself but those looking for an emotional love story will most likely be disappointed. The couple have an electric sensual attraction but they don't have conversations. He orders her to stay put because of the dangers outside and she continually defies him and goes outside and gets herself into trouble anyway. The book also lacked those precious tender moments that show the reader they're falling deeply for each other. The few fun encounters they had were more sexual than relationship enhancing (not that that's a bad thing but I do like a blend of the two).

Those complaints aside I just want to reaffirm that I did enjoy the book and think all of you werewolf/weird stuff fans should check it out. Although this wasn't an emotionally engaging story, it was easy to read and kept me interested. The hero was a great tortured werewolf/alpha-guy and I liked reading about his dogs. The villianess was very bad bordering on psychotic and I was never sure what she was going to do next. She fascinated me and I'm anxious to read her story in SHADOW OF THE WOLF.