Texas Glory - Lorraine Heath I hate writing reviews about books like Texas Destiny because I know I can't do them justice with my measly vocabulary. Saying it made me laugh, cry, ache and that I never wanted it to end just doesn't seem like enough.

The plot revolves around two characters who don't know how to communicate. They keep their feelings inside, and tip-toe around other. This type of storyline will normally drive me insane but because Heath gets you into the heads of her people so skillfully you don't question their insecurities and faults. I understood, sympathized, ached and got frustrated right along with them - but never at them. And at no time did I get the urge to pound them over the head with something. Heath has a way of making me instantly fall in love her characters even though (or maybe because?) they are not perfect.

One of the best things about this series is the strong sense of family and the fact that her characters grow and change but don't suddenly turn into different people from one book to another. Dallas's brothers' Austin and Houston and his loving family are a big part of this story and provide humor and poignancy to an already deeply emotional love story.

I can count on one hand the number of romances that kept me so riveted that I couldn't close my eyes until I turned the last page (coincidentally one of them is Heath's TEXAS DESTINY). I immediately fell into this story and about ¾'s of the way in I was sobbing like a fool. I still remember the characters names a day later without notes (an amazing feat for my feeble brain, believe me) and their lives and personalities still linger in my mind. I wrapped up the book about 12:00 am last night and today I'm dead tired but it was worth it! I easily give this book my highest rating, it touched me deeply and is one of those rare books that I'm forever searching for and seldom find.