Elena's Conquest - Lisette Allen In the brutal medieval time period, Elena, a beautiful young Saxon girl raised by nuns, finds her life turned upside down when the convent is attacked by Normans. She's taken prisoner and made a slave of a brutal warrior who despises "the filthy Saxon's", especially the woman, because he'd been betrayed by one years earlier. He intends to punish her for this past woman's transgressions and instead finds himself becoming her protector. Her innocence and innate sweetness weaken his hardened heart but his jealous mistress attempts to do everything in her power to make his precious Elena suffer sexual torments.

I didn't like these characters very much. Elena had absolutely no back bone and I was annoyed that she fell in love/lust with her brutish captor almost upon first sight. She seemed to have no trouble submitting to an enemy who destroyed everything she'd every known. He did attempt to protect her from his vicious minions but I couldn't understand why she surrendered without putting up any kind of fight and just laid back and let anyone and everyone do whatever they wished with her body. I had no respect for her character and was more interested in the sex lives of the interesting secondary characters.

With all of that out of the way I did enjoy this book on a carnal level. The sex scenes were earthy, gritty and exciting and the historical details were done well enough to place me in the time period the author was writing about. I only wish Elena had been written with a little more spunk, even her thoughts were weak and submissive. There were several f/f and group sex scenes in this story along with several f/m ones and there are a few where the heroine is tied up and helpless. It was sexy reading but just don't expect to feel any sympathy for the wimpy heroine.