The Tutor (Black Lace) - Portia Da Costa Set in contemporary times this is an unlikely fantasy about a reclusive millionaire who hires a young woman to catalog his library of books and his prized possession of erotic literature. Anna? Needing to get a fresh start after recently suffering a bad breakup with her insensitive boyfriend accepts the job even though she senses that something is not on the level after an odd interview with her handsome employer. She soon discovers that her real purpose for being in his house is to tutor his virginal nephew in the arts of love-making. Being an open-minded woman she eagerly accepts her new position and surrenders to her passion and learns several interesting things herself.

I enjoyed this book very much and found the two main characters to be extremely likable people. Admittedly, the plot was very thin but who the heck cares when the sex scenes are this exciting! Some were tender and some were very kinky. There were several f/m scenes along with several m/m, some mild S&M, f/f and 3-way sex so if those things offend you be warned