Charms - Kathleen Kane Charms is light-hearted with likable characters and set in a small town filled with busy bodies. The heroine, Leda, comes from a long line of woman who had the "sight". When she was just a girl her Mom drew a picture of the man she was going to marry & when she finally meets him she's so excited she nearly knocks him over with her ecstatic kiss. He's stunned to say the least. He's an uptight Doctor and doesn't want anything to do with the crazy gypsy girl who is stealing all of his patients (she's a faith healer) and keeps calling him "My love". But she's persistant and before he realizes what has happened she's moved her crystal ball & herbs into his office and soon he realizes he wonders how he ever got along without her. This was a really cute story, with lots of sweet characters and wow was it ever sensual. I was a bit surprised by just how sensual it was. Kane's newer books fall into the sensual category but for some reason I thought the older ones were of the "sweet" variety. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised ;)