Sizzle (Great Escapes) (Stolen Moments) - Jennifer Crusie Emily Tate, a marketing manager who has a heck of time keeping her projects in line with the company's budget, is assigned a partner to keep her spending in line. Even though she makes millions for her company -- it's not enough for them. So they hire Richard Parker, an anal as can be budget advisor to keep her spending on track. She despises him sight unseen. But he's an irritatingly handsome guy who manages to charm his way into her heart. So what's an independent and intelligent woman to do when she learns that the one man who she wants to spend the rest of her life with has an annoying habit of ignoring everything she says? She turns the tables on the oaf and what follows is one of the sexist, smartest and wittiest little books I've ever read. And it most definitely lives up to its title!