Stargazer - Laura Baker Lonewolf, chosen from birth to lead his people, is a "stargazer"-he has visions of things to come. Unfortunately, he is unable to stop the inevitable death and destruction of his people in 1863. Desolate after losing his wife, child, and family, and rejected by his people because of his visions, Lonewolf seeks solace from the stars. He is transported through time to the modern-day world, where he meets Willow, a police officer who is half Navajo. His powers, when combined with hers, can help save the life of one very important and deathly ill little boy.

This book was a real page-turner for me because I was never quite sure where it was leading. It had its painful and touching moments, but there was also humor. I bought the entire time-travel idea (and liked how it was resolved in the end), and I admired both of the strong lead characters, who would do anything for the people they loved. STARGAZER is a rather short book and the story takes place in the span of six days, so the relationship between the hero and heroine developed quickly, but it worked for me because the author made me believe they were incomplete without the other. The love scenes are of the sweet variety, but there was enough sexual tension to keep me happy.