Jezebel - Katherine Sutcliffe Set in 1870 Texas, this book starts out when the hero, trapped by a snowstorm, stumbles upon the heroine's home while she is in midlabor (with her dead husband's child)! He's on the run, with a bounty on his head, but decides to stick around to help the poor babe survive since his mama is no shape to care for him. What started out as a fascinating story with compelling characters unfortunately soon turned into one of those "annoying heroine" books. Almost immediately the heroine began to rub me the wrong way because of her selfish and self-centered attitude and it only got worse from there. I continued to read the book because I thought the hero deserved a happy ending. His dark and tortured past was absolutely horrendous and the flash backs broke my heart but alas it was not meant to be because he got saddled with the unlikable heroine for life! If you don't mind abrasive heroines and adore sensitive, tortured guys you'll probably like this one more than I did.