Expectant Father (Silhouette Special Edition) - Leanne Banks EXPECTANT FATHER is the type of love story I like best. The plot is pretty basic, it's the characters who make the book so special. They are real people with flaws and insecurities who've been hurt/are afraid to be hurt and fear getting close to each other. They're not annoying, cardboard cutouts and I genuinely liked them. By their actions, thoughts and dialogue the reader gets to see them slowly fall in love. Never once did I pause and think "why the heck is she falling for him/her?" like I usually do. And best of all the hero, who's a bit on the arrogant side and who deserved a whap across his beautiful head a few times, gets tamed and he doesn't even realize it ;) I usually don't care for bossy men but this guy was a heart-stealer and sexy as sin. Although I didn't find this book as "hot" or witty as the author's previous book "A Date With Dr. Frankenstein" I still highly recommend it, especially to those who enjoy character driven stories, it's a feel good read with humor and lots of heart.