Surrender A Dream - Jill Barnett I was expecting a rollicking, laugh filled romp when I opened this book but instead found a delicate balance of humor, powerful emotion, and amazing character growth. SURRENDER A DREAM starts out on a serious note when we meet Montana as a young boy and watch his life fall apart. Then the book turns light-hearted as Montana and Addie take drastic measures to rid themselves of each other. Sometimes their tactics are hilarious and other times I wanted to throttle them. As the story ends it again turns serious as they struggle to overcome the toughest obstacle yet in their relationship. At this point, I began to cry and pretty much finished the book with tear glazed eyes. I was completely won over by the strength of both of these characters. As they were falling in love both acted a bit rashly at times and, like most young lovers, a little immaturely but as the story went on they grew and realistically matured right before my eyes. All in all this was a great love story. It made me feel and care deeply for these people and that's what I look for when I pick up a romance.