Fire Hawk - Justine Dare Read and reviewed in 1997 when I was a gushing fool.

I hesitated reading this book, not because I have anything against Justine Dare/Davis (she is one of my favorite authors) but because FIRE HAWK is the third in Dare's Hawk trilogy, and I have a thing about reading books in order and I don't yet have my hands on the 2nd book HEART OF THE HAWK yet. When I heard Dare was taking a different approach to the trilogy - writing them backwards - I decided to take a chance and read her latest FIRE HAWK first. And I'm real glad I did because, IMO, I think this book should be read first (not to mention it's a WONDERFUL read!). To my understanding all of these books are related by a mysterious tome that appears in each story when there is only one member of the Hawk line remaining. This book, FIRE HAWK, explains the origin of the mysterious tome that guides the Hawk family and introduces the characters who began the Hawk line back in the tragic and brutal medieval time period.

Jenna and her clan have managed to live in peace for years in their magical glade while the world around them is torn by war and death. But all of that comes to an end when an evil Warlord sets his sights on their glade and slowly begins killing them off as they wander from their safe haven ignorant of what awaits them. After her Brother is murdered Jenna is named Hawk - leader of the clan - an honor she never wanted. With this heavy responsibility on her shoulders, fear and anguish in her heart, she realizes the only way to save the few remaining members of her clan is by seeking out the mystical warrior known only as Kane, a man she fears may not even exist except in legends. She hopes he will teach her people, who've never learned how to fight, how to defend themselves and possibly save their magical land from invasion.

Kane has escaped his brutal and haunted past and found solitude on his isolated mountain. He is less than thrilled when Jenna shows up and asks him to don his warrior garb and help her out. He repeatedly refuses but her persistent arguments and his increasing attraction to her force him to take drastic measures to get her the heck away from him ASAP. He's bad for her and he knows it so he offers her a bargain that is sure to have her running in terror. But he screws up big time because he misjudges her courage and love for her people and she accepts his very ungentlemanly deal. Now he feels guilty and is in one heck of a mess but he can't take back his offer so he begins her lessons and puts his his heart in danger.

Kane and Jenna's love story is not an easy one. They have a lot of pain and obstacles to face before they can find love but with the help of Kane's gorgeous wizard friend, Tal, they get a little magical push to help them along. Both are strong, courageous and likable characters. And although the book is filled with adventure the story never loses focus of the love story. The sensual tone and the heart-wrenching emotions it tugged out of me kept me anxiously turning the pages and dropping everything to get back to the book. If I have anything to complain about it would be that Tal's interesting past is never fully explained. I'm going to be really bummed if Dare doesn't write his story!!! Anyway, I very highly recommend it, especially to those who like wounded/tortured heroes and courageous heroines