The Aluria Chronicles (Yaoi) - Yishan Li,  Calissa Leigh This manga was pretty terrible. It was a story about a slave who is given to a monster as a sacrifice. The monster realizes right off the bat that he is an innocent and brings him to a place called "Aluria" where he falls in with a vampire. Vampire betrays him, works some hoodoo and switches bodies with the poor abused lad who then hooks up with betraying vampire's ex-lover. Confused yet? I was, had to go back and read the thing twice. They have sex, bodies are switched back and they are fall madly in love. There was very little story and less character development. Am I asking for too much here? Not a recommend. The second story fares a little better and is about two rivals who are accidentally put under a love spell. It wears off and surprise, they're madly in love. Still, I'd pass on this if I had it to do over again.