The Forbidden Rose (Berkley Sensation Historical Romance) - Joanna Bourne I’m not going to write a long-winded review because I read most of this on vacation, didn’t take notes and I’m feeling rather lazy. I believe this is part of a series but it reads well on its own. The hero is a british spy, scarred terribly and not traditionally handsome, and the heroine is a beautiful aristocrat keeping secrets of her own. Both know they can’t have each other for any length of time but they are inexplicably drawn to each other and unable to resist the pull.

This book has an amazing sensual buildup. The author even uses the work cock and tits. Yay for her. The hero speaks like an actual guy instead of waxing poetic about the heroine’s bits and pieces like too many historical heroes. And this brings me to my biggest disappointment so far in the book: the lame-ass love scenes. Hugely disappointing. The sexual tension is through the roof but the love scenes were over before they even began. Blech. I don’t like being led on like that and I can’t figure out why the heroine didn’t complain! The hero, with all his sexy talk does a boom, boom, ahhh, boom, ahhh, and then there’s some spillage on her belly, and he’s all done. Wait, what? Did someone rip out the best pages of my book?

Despite that disappointment the characters were very interesting. The only thing niggling at me about the heroine was the fact that she was helping people whom she seemed to abhor. That bit didn't make sense to me but maybe it became clearer later on? At any rate it made it difficult to connect with her. I adored the young boy and his donkey companions. I hear the author is writing his book. I may give that one a go. But sadly, my complete disinterest in all things spy related has forced me to give up on this one. I’m sure it’s super fantastic but I completely lost interest at the midway mark and just can’t work up the energy to pick it up again. I know, I know I finished the slow moving book about the cat lady falling in love with her brother and yet I give up on this? What can I say? I’m a quitter. Looks like I’m going to have to add another book to the DNF pile.