A Mercy - Toni Morrison I listened to this book as an unabridged audio and I don’t know if it was the narration (read very slowly by the author) or the fact that the voices were done similarly and all in the same painfully slow pace, OR the fact that the chapters and POV switches weren’t made clear OR, quite possibly that I’m brain dead, but I found it very confusing to stay focused.

The story jumped around in both time frame and character and by the time I figured out where (and who) I was following it jumped to someone/somewhere else and I had to figure it all out again. Me brain hurts just recounting it. Honestly, I think I was just too damned tired to attempt listening to a book such as this at this point in my life. Basically it is a picture of slavery of women of all types and shades and their difficult day to day struggles to stay afloat in a world where they really have no control. It could have been very interesting but . . . it just didn’t hook me and I never felt like I got to know any of the characters as well as I would have liked. The details are gritty and the pictures painted are vivid but I guess this one wasn’t meant for me.