Words of Silk - Sandra Brown This book was originally written back in the 80's and it shows. The heroine, a naive kindergarten teacher, manages to land herself in an elevator during a blackout with a handsome older guy. She has a fit of the vapors and he ends up carrying her back to his apartment where he thinks it would be a grand idea to soothe her with some brandy and some good lovin'. Naive, innocent and virginal our brilliant heroine ends up downing two drinks and begging this stranger to have sex. She wakes up conveniently forgetting everything and scurries away while he's showering (or something ~ my mind was wandering a bit I'm afraid). And of course she ends up preggers.

This all happens in the opening chapters and what follows only serves to annoy and irritate me further. Shall I go on? [spoilers may abound so be warned:] Our "hero" manages to track down our heroine several months later through some stealthy detective work and quickly insinuates his way into her life. He shows up at her place of employment and declares himself to be her no-longer-estranged husband (she lied because, I guess back in the 80's it was taboo to be a single mom & a kindergarten teacher without getting fired?). This charmer then moves himself into her home and completely takes over, even going so far as to psychoanalyze her after knowing her all of a few days. But you know what's even more irritating than the lack of any sort of emotional connection between these two? This guy rubs her belly and calls the kid "skooter". That just drove me absolutely nuts. What kind of guy calls an unborn baby "skooter"? She puts up the token resistance but then he touches her and, ooooh, ahhhhh, all thoughts of fighting are over and the sex begins anew. Ick. Who is this creep and who the hell does he think he is?

Anyway, it's time to wrap this up. All sex, no relationship = an irritated me.