Murder With Peacocks - Donna Andrews Reading for my local book group.

Meg has returned to her hometown for a chaos filled extended stay. She’s a bridesmaid for three weddings with three demanding brides and has her hands full with their ridiculous expectations. It’s the same old town, with the same uninteresting men, save for Michael, who is rumored to prefer men. Not only is he gorgeous but he’s intelligent and friendly and they become fast friends. Meg does her damndest to banish all lusty thoughts when they’re together but the mere sight of him makes it difficult.

When a woman disliked by everyone turns up dead Meg, her oddball dad and Michael start a sleuthing. Cute and fluffy is this book. I couldn’t figure out why Meg wouldn't say no to her annoying brides (ok, one was her mother but STILL). All of her tasks seemed to keep her in close proximity to cutie Michael who couldn't seem to get a word out without interruptions. I've read many a book with romance-interruptis but this one took it to unheard of heights.

Tame and cute and light-hearted fun but for me it just wasn’t enough. I’d liken it to being allowed a mini cupcake when you’re craving a whole damn cake. I wanted more action, more romance, more sexual tension (at the very least!), more laughs, more time with offbeat Dad, WAY more sexy Michael and more grisly deaths. Instead I read page after page of snore inducing wedding info. Dress selection, card writing, color choices, tracking down freaking peacocks for a wedding . . . It’s all here. It all became a little tedious after the first few chapters and took me ages to finish. Guess this type of book just isn’t for me. I hear they get better as the series goes along, and I'm supposed to read the entire series for my book group, but I don’t know if I have the patience to bother.