Shadowscapes Tarot - Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Barbara Moore This is one of the most gorgeous tarot decks I've seen. And it's MINE! I can hardly believe it's here. Sadly, Llewellyn could have done a better job. The artwork is so incredibly detailed and the cards are a wee bit too small to do the artist justice. I'll have to wear my glasses while reading this deck or keep this accompanying book nearby. Fortunately the book devotes a full page to the artwork that is larger than the cards but alas the artwork is in black and white print.

Here's a small taste of the beauty found within this deck:
5 of Pentacles Spiritual poverty, material troubles, insecurity, hard times, neglecting the body's needs, being ostracized and excluded.
┬ęStephanie Pui-Mun Law