Bad Chili - Joe R. Lansdale This is another politically uncorrect wacky mystery featuring best friends Hap and Leonard. Hap is an everyman sort of slacker guy and Leonard is a big, tough black guy who happens to like men. Hap and Leonard love each other like brothers and are the unlikeliest of friends and their friendship has survived longer than any of their previous relationships. They are hilarious together, especially in this book which, thankfully, isn’t quite as dark as “Two Bear Mambo, though it has its dark moments (dog lovers beware).

Things start off when Hap is bit by a rabid squirrel. He has such shitty health insurance (I hear ya, Hap) that he has to get admitted in order to get his shots paid for so he doesn’t turn all bitey and dangerous. But he’s met a sexy nurse who hopes to give him his next round of shots in the bum so it’s not all so bad. Meanwhile Leonard’s boyfriend Raul has left him for a biker dude and Leonard is on a rampage. When a biker turns up “all headless horseman like” all eyes are on Leonard who has mysteriously disappeared. So once again Hap (and Leonard) end up knee deep in a mystery filled with a colorful cast of foul-mouthed characters. This one involves grease stealing and an underground group who are making a bundle selling videos of atrocious attacks on gay men.

Lansdale is such a naughty writer and doesn’t seem to care who he offends. But his humor is funny and doesn’t come across as mean-spirited so you can’t help but laugh as he pokes fun at his characters, their sexual habits, appearance and/or lack of brains. There’s a lot of sex talk, bad words and unforgettable characters here and as crazy as it all gets there are a few downright sweet moments too. This is one of my favorites in the Hap and Leonard series.