Blueberry Hill - Marcia Evanick I’m listening to this on audio otherwise I would’ve quit it early on. This is a very by-the-numbers romance with absolutely no originality or spark. I feel like I’ve read this story a billion times. Everything about it is bland and, horror of all horrors, cutesy toddlers have taken over the plot. I am not dealing well with this turn of events.

Jocelyn is a 26 year old lawyer who has decided she made the wrong career choice. She takes a leave of absence to find herself and heads to Maine where her two sisters have found her the perfect job. She’s going to be a live-in nanny for Quinn, a hunky widower whose wife died only 6 weeks prior. Not to worry though, they were divorced for over a year so he’s not broken up at all about her death. And neither apparently are the three perfect little cherubs whose every move, meal and squeal of joy is put down on these pages in loving detail. Sigh. I don’t hate kids, really I don’t, but you’ll probably think I do after reading this review. The problem here is that I know more about the three toddlers than I do either Jocelyn or Quinn, the dad of this brood. I don’t want to read about bath time with the kiddies, and mud pies and dirty Barbie dolls. I want some sexual tension, some funny banter, anything but another freaking descriptive passage about what the kids are eating, wearing or doing. Guess I’m just not the warm and fuzzy type.

As the book continues less emphasis is placed on the kids and more on the couple but it was all a little too late for me because my interest was long gone by then. The romance was tepid at best and the conflict nearing the end was too quickly resolved with too little angst for my liking. It’s not horrible, if you don’t mind a lot of kiddie talk in your books, but it just wasn't the book for me.