X-Files: Ruins (X-Files (HarperCollins Age 12-Up)) - Kevin J. Anderson I recently listened to the abridged version of another X-Files novelization called Antibodies and enjoyed it quite a bit (especially the smart dog bits). Ruins, though, just couldn’t hold my attention for any length of time and I found myself doing a lot of rewinding when my mind would wander. Could be the story was a dud or it could be my frame of mind either way I won’t be re-reading this again.

The story is about an archeological dig gone bad. Throw in an ancient curse, a search for a missing archeologist, possible human sacrifice (yikes!), then add some bad guy standbys like a drug dealer and the leader of a revolution and sprinkle it with bits of Scully and Mulder and you have yourself a story that falls to Ruins (at least for me). I’m sure it’ll appeal to folks interested in archeology (there’s lots of techie jargon tossed about), die-hard X-Philes, and fans of Mitch Pilleggi, AKA Agent Skinner who does a decent job of narrating the story excepting a few bits where his tone takes a turn toward the monotonous.