Endless Night - Richard Laymon Laymon novels are a guilty pleasure for me. They are disgusting and you pretty much have to throw your brains out the window in order to get through them but I have to honestly say they are very much page-turners. If you enjoy senseless murder and mayhem, that is.

This one starts out with a sixteen year old girl named Jody sleeping over a friend's house. Innocent enough stuff, until a murderous group of madmen target the home for their next killing spree. Jody survives and manages to escape the home with her friend's younger brother. As they make their escape they are spotted by the murderous louts who slaughtered the family and a chase begins. A chase which encompasses the rest of the book. As expected of a Laymon novel, there is plenty of murder, mayhem, rape and other assorted grossities as well as many plot implausibilities and silly dialogue.