How to Raise Children at Home in Your Spare Time - Marvin J. Gersh I found this book buried in a box in the garage while decluttering. I'm thinking some wise guy gave it to me way back when I was a new bride and wasn't quite ready for kids because I don't recall buying it. My kids are far past the brand new baby stage so much of this book isn't going to help me.

Now if it told me how to deal with a surly 12 year old and two siblings who can't stand to sit in a room together for more than 30 seconds without erupting into a loud screaming argument I'd probably keep it. One chapter that looked promising titled "When children should be shot" turned out to be about immunizations. Darn, that won't help ;) Seriously, I was hoping it would be about dealing with behavior issues but I guess that's another book I need to locate.

The book is a little dated but the advice, most of it health advice, seems practical and down to earth and covers most everything a new parent needs to know. I'll set this free somewhere a new parent can stumble across it.