20th Century Ghosts - Joe Hill, Christopher Golden I bought this in hardcover, something I rarely do but I had a gift certificate to B&N and I really enjoyed Joe Hill's book Heart Shaped Box. I can only read in snippets so this book of short stories should be a perfect fit.

Best New Horror is the first story in the collection and is about a horror anthology editor who is very burned out after reading more than his share of the same-old, worn out, lame horror stories. I could really relate to this one after my short-lived stint as a reviewer for a popular website. Nothing will suck the enjoyment out of reading faster than reading something on a deadline because you have to. When a story actually engages him, he sets out to meet with the enigmatic author but discovers there may some truth to those horror cliches after all.

20th Century Ghost is about an old-time movie theater and the young woman who haunts movie goers. It's only a little bit creepy and a whole lot sad and wasn't my favorite of the bunch.

Pop Art is an odd story about a young boy who befriends an inflatable boy. It's a story where the surreal blends into real life without question but is really about friendship and just how fragile a thing it is. I thought it was bizarre and surprisingly touching.

You Will Hear the Locusts Sing is about a neglected boy who transforms into a tall locust-like creature and wreaks havoc on the white trash world he was brought into. A nasty revenge tale where some deserving people get just what they deserve.

Later I finally finished this book but got so busy that I didn't take notes while reading. I'll reread it someday and write up a complete review.