Whispers - Dean Koontz I'm listening to this on audiobook.

This is an older Koontz book that I swear I read as a kid but I can't remember anything about it so it might have been one I missed. It's about a woman being terrorized by a man who keeps coming back to life. No one will believe her story, even the cop who she is falling for. Why is this guy after her and how come he keeps coming back from the grave in tip top form? It's a Koontz novel so I'm betting he's been genetically mutated or something similar.

If I did read this book as a preteen the bad Koontz sex scenes must have skipped right over my head because I certainly don't remember the "hidden nubble" bit which might have horrified me at the time but is quite hilarious now. I can't remember, even in the most flowery romance novel, ever having heard the female bits described as a "nubble" before :) That Koontz, he cracks me up.

Later: Well, the discs for the second half of this book did not work and it didn't thrill me enough to seek out another copy so I'm rating it a "3" based on the half I read. It was an okay story but not one of my favorite Koontz novels.