Vegan Planet: 400 Irresistible Recipes with Fantastic Flavors from Home and Around the World - Robin G. Robertson, Neal D. Barnard I bought this book online from some discount reseller and the cover is plastered on backwards and upside down. It messes with my head every time I pull it out. Fortunately, the recipes inside are amazing so I can overlook the cover mix-up. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be a cheapskate.

My hands-down favorite recipes is the Chocolate Pudding Parfaits. It's so simple but so decadent. Whoever thought tofu & soymilk could taste so good? My daughter gobbles this up thinking it's some gourmet pudding and calls it the best pudding in the world. I skip the cream whipped topping bit because I'm lazy and it tastes good enough all on its own.

Other favorites include:
Pad Thai I love pad thai so making this recipe for me was a no brainer. It was super easy to cook up & delicious. It was a bit too adventurous for the kids but one did try a bite of it.
Carribean Rice with Red Bean & Chiles easy & tasty
Green Apple Salsa w/ Portobello Mushrooms this is a bit of a chore to prepare but it's good and so filling.
The cajun tofu marinade I usually double this batch using half to marinate the tofu and the other half to drizzle over rice noodles but I do cut back on the amount of olive oil which is a bit too much for me. So spicy and good. Better than any chicken or beef marinade I ate in the past. The tofu just soaks up the flavor and if you freeze the tofu before hand and bake it in the oven it gets this nice chewy texture.
Cajun Tempeh These are so good I eat the leftovers cold the next day as a snack.

The best thing I've found about vegan cooking is the flavors. They really come alive, so much so I don't miss the meat and the recipes are usually inexpensive and I can shop the outer aisles and be out of the store in half the time. No processed stuff in this book.

The chocolate chip cookie recipe here is okay but not nearly as good the recipe in "Vegan With A Vengeance".

Even if you're not vegan this book is a must have if you're into eating healthy, cutting out the cholesterol and looking for some unique and relatively easy to create meals to spice up your menu. Vegan recipes tend to include a wider variety of spices than traditional cooking and really like adding a few recipes each week to spice up the menu.