Knit Wit: 30 Easy and Hip Projects (Hands-Free Step-By-Step Guides) - Amy R. Singer I have come to the conclusion that any book that declares itself "hip" usually isn't. This is a knitting book for the beginner and those enamored by boa's and knitted boxers . . .

For a book screaming of its hipness the projects here lack edge and fashion sense and, for the most part, seem to me to be a big waste of time. Are the ice cream containers in your freezer screaming out for a knitted cozy? Is your nose chilly enough to warrant a nose-warmer (and are you nutty enough to wear one in public)? Does one really need yet another pattern for felted slippers and a yoga bag? Am I just a foul-tempered spoiled knitter?

The projects are very basic and out of them I would only make the felted yarn bag on the cover which is cute and possibly the pixie hat as a gift for a quirky preteen.

On the plus side I do like the way the book is laid out and wish more knitting books were spiral bound but I was very disappointed with the patterns and expected something more from's editor. Personally, I think you'd be a lot better off just logging on to It's free and most of these patterns are already on the website. Or buy Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'N Bitch if you're new and want a variety of fun patterns to expand your new skills.