Embrace the Night - Karen Chance This is book #3 and I’m still a bit stunned that I’m finally reading a series in order. The story starts out with Cassie and Pritkin getting into some dark cave action. Don’t get too excited, they’re only dealing with some ghosts and mages while looking for the magical book that will release Cassie from her ties to Mircea, the very sexy Jean Claude-like vampire. A spell has been placed on them both but in the last book Cassie accidentally doubled Mircea’s dose of it and it’s making him deathly ill. I don’t know any of this for sure because my mind has drifted already and I’ll have to rewind . . . Oh no, this does not bode well.

Ok, after the rewind I’m somewhat satisfied that the above is correct. I’ve stuck with this series because I really do like a lot of things about these books. They feature interesting characters and fun ideas and I keep hoping author Chance will just chill out and let the characters tell the story but so far this book has been very similar to the previous two. It confuses me and it’s too busy, so busy there is barely time to comprehend it all before Cassie is in another dangerous situation. I have to constantly rewind because either I missed something earlier and things aren’t making sense or I have completely drifted away because I got a bit bored by too much action or extraneous explanation of things I really don’t care to learn more about.

Still, I will continue because the relationships are developing, we’re learning much more about Pritkin who is morphing into quite a delectable (if still a bit grumpy) character and I feel if I give up I will miss out on a whole bunch of paranormal goodness.

Later: I finished though it was a bit of a struggle there in the beginning and middle. The bulk of the book features Cassie in a mad search to find the magical book and end the geis. The time jumps are still leaving me a bit bewildered but I did enjoy this enough, especially the interesting bits about Mircea and the revelations about Pritkin, so I will pop an Advil and continue on with the next one.