Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils & Hydrosols with Animals - Kristen Leigh Bell Kind to the earth and animals too, I had hopes of learning how to create holistic remedies to make my furry friends feel better but in the end I was far too lazy.

I read and skimmed through most of this book and it contains some valuable information and many recipes that I need to put together when I find some time. I use aromatherapy in my home and it definitely changes the mood of the household. When the kids are stressing me and/or each other I put on my calming music, diffuse some lavender oil and the mood shifts considerably. My dogs though are normally relaxed (and lazy) so it's hard to tell if this affects them.

I ended up sharing this book with someone else because I know I'll never order all of the supplies needed due to lack of $$ and time.