Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides 2-12-08 This is a gripping read. I say that because I have to keep putting it down for various reasons and I haven't felt the urge to put it down for good which is what I usually do when I have to read books off and on for a month. It tells the story of a hermaphrodite, or more correctly tells the story of how he came to be (I'm on page 150 and the narrator hasn't even been born yet). The book is more of a family saga beginning with the history of his incestuous grandparents who escape war torn Asia Minor to travel to America where the brother and sister reinvent themselves and become husband and wife. I haven't read a family saga in ages and they really aren't my thing but the writing here is just so interesting. The historical details, the characters who continually surprise me and the humor keep me coming back to this book when I should be sleeping.

I reluctantly admit that I did give up on this book. I found the early bits about Cal's grandparents fascinating but lost interest as they aged and the focus turned to Cal's successful suburban parents who bored me. Maybe someday I'll pick it back up but for now I've moved onto other things.