Twilight - Stephenie Meyer Before seeing the movie in 2007:
This was a very good teen novel about a young girl who falls in love with a vampire. The characterization was well done, the love story was intriguing as well as heart-achingly sweet and the story moved along at a pace that never bored me. The plot is one I've read many a times and some of the twists I anticipated miles away but it's my fault for reading too many of these books, I think. I'll be checking out the sequels next because this was one of the better angsty vampire romances I've read this year.

August 27, 2009:
After finally seeing the movie, I've decided to reread this to compare the two. It's been so long I forgot many of the story details, only that I enjoyed the love story despite its flaws, same goes for the movie.

I am realizing that I tend to be too critical a reader, too judgmental of plots and this often prevents me from falling into stories and also hinders my enjoyment of too many books. Is it possible I am becoming a kinder reader? Nah, more likely I'm just in a strange mood or enchanted by the pretty movie. Either way, I find myself enjoying this book much more the second time around. I know the plot bits and what is going to happen and how the main characters are built. Yeah, Bella is a damsel in distress who is too dependent on others, especially on Edward. She'd be crushed, raped, ripped to shreds and would wither and die without him but some girls are like that, especially melodramatic teens. I remember feeling that the world was ending myself a time or two wayback when I was still a meek little mouse and had a fight with my boyfriend. And Edward. Well, yeah, it goes without saying that he is just a wee bit too controlling but I have to admit there is something alluring about this here even if I could never abide it for long in the real world once the infatuation faze was over. Still, instead of getting annoyed I'm just going with the romantic fantasy of their all encompassing, so intense they would perish if separated love story.

I must say that I did enjoy this book much more the second time around, possibly because I knew to expect and because I was still enchanted by the images in the pretty movie. It has flaws and Bella is a classic MarySue, damsel in distress type but it is hopelessly romantic all the same.