Story Time - Edward Bloor This is a good satire on the current state of our education system and the No Child Left Behind program. In this story 8th grader Kate and her genius uncle George (who is actually younger than her) are invited to attend the Whittaker Magnet School. George, who is a bit of genius, is thrilled but Kate, notsomuch. The Whittaker Magnet School is the last place Kate wants to go. She loves her public school and has been practicing her whole life for the lead in their production of Peter Pan. She's also heard stories about the weird kids that attend and how the atmosphere of the school turns them into breathing mushrooms. She's forced to attend because she now lives in the Whittaker school district and doesn't want to mess up George's chances of attending by screwing up and getting expelled as much as she dreams of doing so.

I lost interest in this story about halfway through and can't pinpoint a reason other than I was too distracted and it wasn't involving enough to grab me.