A Fistful of Sky - Nina Kiriki Hoffman Gypsum LaZelle is a misfit in her family. All of her siblings have come into their magical powers, inherited from their beautiful mother, and she has resigned herself to the fact that like her dad she'll have to live her life without the assistance of magic. More than a fantasy, this book delves into the dynamics of this family which is why I find it so interesting (though the magical aspect is very imaginative as well). Gypsum's mother is beautiful, perfect and very controlling. She does some unforgivable things to Gypsum, if you ask me, but much like reality you can't choose your family. Fortunately, Gypsum has a close relationship with most of her siblings and dad's a good guy.

Eventually, Gypsum falls ill and undergoes her transition and inherits a dark power which is common when transition arrives so late. Fearful of what her power may do she must use it or it will poison her (so says her uncle when she comes to him feeling sick to her stomach). I'm just at the point where she is tentatively experimenting with her newly discovered power of wishing things into existence.

Later: This book managed to hold my attention to the end even though I had to keep putting it aside because my reading time has been reduced to 5 minutes every other day. It's a good look into the family dynamics of magical household.