Anyone But You - Jennifer Crusie This was one of my favorite romance novels back in the 90's and, being all burned out and jaded, I decided to pick it up again to see if I'd enjoy it as much as I did back before I became so grouchy.

Much to my surprise, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Though a few of the pop references are dated, the humor and the romance were both a delight to read and it brought me back to those days when I looked forward to spending an afternoon reading to my hearts content.

This book is about Nina, a newly divorced 40 year old woman, who is finally living her life on her terms but she's a little lonely and decides to adopt a friend. Planning on adopting a spunky new puppy she instead falls for the soulful old eyes of a beagle mix named Fred. He smells, he's long past his youth and just looking at him makes her even more depressed but once she sets her eyes on him she can't leave him sitting in the pound and takes him home to her new apartment.

Because of Fred, who mistakes neighbor Alex's window for Nina's, she gets a surprise visit from the sexy younger ER doctor. The two become immediate friends and although he'd like to become a whole lot more, Nina is reluctant because she fears she's too old for him.

What follows is a book full of charm and wit and is a definite must read if you need some cheering up.