The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires - Katie MacAlister I tried to read this for my real life book meeting. It's a by the numbers paranormal romance with stereotypical characters. You have the disbelieving physicist heroine who annoyingly questions everything, the daffy best friend who doesn't question anything, and the gorgeous hero who is an angel/vampire/other assorted paranormal creature.

Portia, an uptight physicist takes a trip with her best friend to visit faery rings, attend seances and go ghost hunting. Why, might you ask would a skeptic knowingly waste her time and money this way? You got me. While visiting the faery ring, the friend takes off for some vague reason and Portia decides to read aloud some incantations her friend conveniently left behind. She ends up summoning a virtue who bestows her with powers to control the weather. Portia then literally walks around with a cloud hanging over her head. And still she doesn't believe . . .

I had the same trouble with this Katie MacAlister book that I had with the previous two I attempted to read. They are much more annoying than funny to me. The heroine is uptight, upright, and places herself in situations that make absolutely no sense to me considering her views on all things remotely "woo-woo" and unproven by science. The hero is an angelic creature (and it's a good thing too because I doubt any other guy could put up with Portia) who finds himself in harms way because of Portia's stubbornness to believe a word he says.

I admit defeat, sigh. This book did me in. I gave up somewhere around page 196 after rereading the same paragraph a good 20 times. Overall? A decent if over-done premise but a terribly lame execution. The result? It bored the heck out of me.