Dangerous Joy - Jo Beverley I met Jo Beverely at a booksigning many moons ago and she was such a nice lady that I went on to accumulate most of her books. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that most of her books just weren't for me but I continue to give each one in the pile a try holding out hope that I'd be able to finish one.

Now, I'm nowhere near finished with Dangerous Joy but so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's much wittier than most of her books, which I found painfully slow and boring, and I'm enjoying the heroine who is strong willed without verging on annoying.

This book is set in Ireland. Miles is not thrilled when his step-father's uncles dies and leaves him the temporary guardian of a young woman named Felicity. While traveling to meet this young lady he's attacked on route, bound and nearly seduced by a fetching young lady who turns out to be . . . Felicity.

The story moves at a fast, funny pace. The characters are likable and memorable and the little details, like a cat "adopting" a reluctant Miles add to the likability factor of the whole thing.

Later: This was a great book but a smidge too long.