All U Can Eat - Emma Holly I read a little more than half of this book before getting bored and putting it down. The plot, what there was of it, consists of a woman who owns a diner called "All U Can Eat" (did Prince name this?) who is jilted by her lover and proceeds to soothe her ego by sleeping with a whole bunch of men. After one romp she finds a dead body in the alleyway near her diner. The chief of police arrives and, wouldn't you know it, he's always had a crush on the sexy diner owner but stomps down his lust when she turns out to be one of the suspects. Who killed this strange woman and why should I care? I'll never know because I'm not going to finish it. I found it lacking, repetitive, forgettable and tamed down when compared to Strange Attractions. There's just no pleasing me, I guess.