Cell - Stephen King The Cell is about the end of the world via cell phone. It's very timely, considering you can't get a damn coffee without having to hear someone's one sided conversation.

One afternoon people are going about their annoying conversations when suddenly all who were talking on the cell phones turn into bloodthirsty, violent "phone crazies". Those who own a cell but weren't using it at the time and make the fatal stake of calling their loved ones, or 911, to find out what the hell is going on, turn all crazy as well. Soon most everyone has reverted into a raving lunatic. The story follows a small band of survivors who were lucky enough to avoid the cell phone crazy making message as they make their way in this strange new world. It's very violent, often sad and some of the action eerily takes place in my neighboring town! Though the ending had me pulling my hair out, I remained entranced until the last word.