Simply Unforgettable - Mary Balogh I listened to this on unabridged audio and was very quickly bored and easily distracted. It's a shame because Balogh is usually one of my go-to author's when I'm in a slump.

This book was so disappointing in so many ways. It's full of cliches and ridiculous behavior. You have the virgin schoolmarm who is beautiful but doesn't know it and the high society rake who must marry a high born lady to pacify his granddaddy. These two conveniently get stranded together (without chaperone) during a snowstorm and within what seems like hours decide to have sex because, well, you can only make so many snowmen in a day, eh? Did I mention that she was a virgin? Wait? What?

But the worst sin of this book is the fact that the writing is so freaking boring. Balogh usually excels at characterization and character motivation but this time it feels like she wrote it while on auto-pilot and it makes me so very sad. This isn't one I can easily recommend. Hopefully, the rest of the series will be better fleshed out but I'm almost afraid to give them a try.