I Was A Teenage Fairy by Franscesca Lia Block

I Was a Teenage Fairy - Francesca Lia Block

This book is about a young girl named Barbie blessed (or cursed) with beauty and forced into modeling by her controlling mom  who was an ex-model herself and is living vicariously through her child. When Barbie's eleven she meets Mab. Mab is a sarcastic fairy who almost reluctantly becomes Barbie's friend. During this same time Barbie is molested by a lecherous photographer. Her mother tells her not to cry because life is full of problems and she had just better learn to deal with them. Geez, and my kids say I'm mean!

So fast forward five years and Barbie is  now a rail thin, jaded model. Mab is still part of her life and encouraging her to have sex which I found bizarre seeing as she's only 16 . . .

This story was just "eh, so what" for me. It didn't move me on an emotional level and IT SHOULD HAVE considering the heavy subject matter. I didn't connect with Barbie and the sparse writing style left me cold. The issues of molestation, teen sex, drugs, and homosexuality seemed to be very glossed over but I guess that couldn't be helped, I suppose, seeing as the book was so short. 


Maybe I'm just getting too old for this stuff? Or maybe it's just a lousy book?