Goodnight Nobody - Jennifer Weiner This story is about a desperate housewife who doesn't seem to fit in. After a surprise invite to the meanest of the "in" mom's home, Kate arrives to find her hostess dead on the floor with a knife poking out of her back. It's time to run, methinks.

She instead decides to spice up her boring life by investigating the murder. It reads to me like a very dull episode of Desperate Housewives with some flashbacks to the past thrown in for added tedium. I don't know if I'll finish this because, as the book goes on and on, I'm finding myself liking Kate less and less. Her longing for a past almost-lover because her current life is so boring isn't exactly sympathy inducing stuff. Poor, poor Kate. She's married to a guy who works so hard to pay for their mini-mansion (while Kate stays home with the kiddies) that he falls asleep before satisfying her. The nerve of the rotten guy!

Another thing bugging me are the constant jabs at healthy eating and the people who promote it, like it's a snobbish thing to eat veggies, fruit and nuts! Note to author: it's actually cheaper to eat the good healthy stuff in the long run and the short run if you know how to shop and can be bothered to learn how to cook. All of that packaged junk is overpriced. The author thinks it funny to stuff her fictional kids with Cheetos and sugared crap while making fun of the "organic crowd". Really, how hard is it to do 20 seconds of planning and stick some fruit or carrots in your bag before going to the park so your kids won't annoy you with whines of "I'm hungry" driving you to raid the nearest convenience store because you can't stand the whining one freaking minute more? This just makes the heroine appear like a thoughtless, disorganized person. As someone with a very busy life (and a job) and with a child allergic to most of that processed crapola and as someone who finds the childhood obesity epidemic quite sad, I find these jabs offensive and ignorant. It looks like I just talked myself out of finishing this one!